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The Organizing committee is delighted to thank all the delegates, faculty and guests for participating in APICON 2015.

We are happy beyond measure that all of you enjoyed and appreciated the conference extravaganza.

The hard work of team APICON 2015 has been duly rewarded by the accolades we have received from the attending delegates. The Majestic conference venue and the festive spirit of those 4 days will remain with us for years to come.

We specially thank the Pharma and Medical Equipment Trade for the magnificent display of products and generosity. We thank the event management and the catering departments for the exceptional diligence and quality services.

We are specially thankful to our volunteers for their selfless commitment and the pride they displayed while working tirelessly for the success of APICON.


Once again a big round of applause for everyone!

Dr Ashok K Taneja
Organizing Secretary APICON 2015


Dr. Y P Munjal


Dr. R C Sharma


Dr.Rajesh Upadhyay

President API

Dr.Milind Y. Nadkar

Hon. Gen. Secretary API

Dr. Pritam Gupta

Dean ICP
Dr. Munish Prabhakar
Organizing Chairman
Dr. Ashok Taneja
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Anil Hans
Dr. P D Pahwa
Executive Chairman
Dr. R S Malik
Vice Chairman
Dr. R P Gupta
Vice Chairman
Dr. R S Rawat
Vice Chairman
Dr. S C Baluja
Vice Chairman
Dr. Jai Bhagwan
Vice Chairman
Dr. Ravindra Gupta
Joint Secretary
Dr. Joy Chakraborty
Joint Secretary
Dr. M K Singh
Joint Secretary
Dr. Rajesh Kakkar
Joint Treasurer